9. Appeal #2012-0004

RENFREWType of Suite: Detached garage

Address: 1035 Rundle Cres. N.E.

Neighbourhood: Renfrew

Appealed by: Neighbours

When: 2012 (SDAB #2012-0004)

Decision: Suite Denied


STORY AND PHOTO BY HALEY ANDERSON | handerson@cjournal.ca


Reason for the Appeal

The homeowners’ plan to build a modern home in Calgary’s historic Renfrew N.E. neighborhood was postponed when neighbors challenged the Development Authority’s consent to develop the suite.
The property began to stir up controversy in the neighbourhood when neighbours questioned the estate’s bylaw relaxations, among other things. Concerns brought up were:
•  Removal of a number of mature trees from the property, which is said to have significantly impacted the street’s overall appearance.

•  A lack of trees and the proposed design have raised questions regarding the privacy of surrounding properties.

•  Indicated lack of space for vehicles to easily pass through the alleyway.

•  Non-removable guy wire located at the rear of the property interferes with the proposed garage passage.

•  Relaxation of 1.8 meters to a land use bylaw which calls for all secondary suites to measure 15.0 meters


The Decision

Chairman of the board Rick Grol outlined the committee’s decision to issue a development permit considering the listed allegations made by neighbours. Despite the board’s decision to approve the permit, they imposed a number of conditions:


•  A proper tree disclosure must be submitted and must include plans for at least one tree in front and one behind the home.

•  Windows on the east side of the home must be obscured

•  the purpose of the secondary space must be indicated in plans

•  Residents must ensure unobstructed access to garage doors at all times and resolve the issue with the guy wire in the back