5. Appeal #2011-0038


Type of Suite: In-house basement suite

Address: 121 Chaparral Ridge Point S.E.

Neighbourhood: Chaparral

Appealed by: Neighbours

When: 2011 (SDAB #2011-0038)

Decision: Suite Denied


WRITTEN BY OLIVIA CONDON | ocondon@cjournal.ca


Reason for the Appeal

Neighbours appealed the original approval for the secondary suite development because of concerns regarding parking in the cul-de-sac. They stated there was already a limited number of parking spots because of narrow lot size and felt that adding more tenants to the property would only increase the problem.


The Decision

The board chose to overturn the original decision to approve the development of a secondary suite and did not issue a development permit. They took into consideration the outcry from neighbours and determined that adding more vehicles would disrupt the living conditions of the area. They decided that due to the cul-de-sac and narrow lots, more than one-to-two cars per house would cause congestion for all homes.