15. Appeal #2013-0035

15. 2e

Type of Suite: Detached garage

Address: 2212 26th Ave. S.W.

Neighbourhood: Richmond/Knob Hill

Appealed by: Neighbours

When: 2013 (SDAB #2013-0035)

Decision: Suite Allowed (with conditions)




Reason for the Appeal

Unlike the small house, the proposed garage was almost twice the size, with a second story and a top floor balcony that overlooked both neighbours to the east and west. Because of this, members of the community decided to appeal the homeowner’s application for a secondary suite. They did not wish to overturn the entire approval, but rather propose changes to the current development plans.


The Decision

After referring to the City of Calgary Land Use Bylaws, the board came to a conclusion on the specific conditions the applicant would need to follow in order to continue with the secondary suite development:


  • The balcony railing must be at least 48 inches high and consist of translucent glass.
  • A minimum two-metre high privacy screen on either side of the balcony
  • A minimum of five aspen trees planted along the west side of the balcony
  • A spreading deciduous tree shall be planted in front of the east portion of the balcony

If any of the trees die, it is the property owner’s responsibility to replace them.

These conditions were met and the secondary suite development has since been completed.