10. Appeal #2012-0012


Type of Suite: In-house basement suite
Address: 121 Chaparral Ridge Point S.E.
Neighbourhood: Chaparral
Appealed by: Neighbours
When: 2011 (SDAB #2012-0012)
Decision: Suite Denied


STORY AND PHOTO BY LUCAS SILVA | lsilva@cjournal.ca


Reason for Appeal

Neighbours brought forward a number of issues including parking and the use, value and enjoyment of their property. They argued that if there were to be an extra tenant in the cul-de-sac, it would further complicate the already difficult parking situation.

Owners of secondary suites must provide off-street parking for tenants. However, the neighbours argued  they didn’t think this was possible for the owner to provide. They used photographic evidence to prove no street parking was available nor was there anywhere in the back of the property to park.

They also expressed their concerns about invasion of privacy. They argued that they bought this home as a single-family residence, and that allowing a secondary suite into the neighbourhood will bring renters into the area. They argued these renters would have no obligation to behave the way the owners would expect from a neighbourhood such as this.

They also stated that the property value of the homes in the area would decrease if secondary suites were allowed into the neighbourhood. They said they wouldn’t have purchased a home here if they would have known it was going to turn into a rental area.


The Decision

After considering all the verbal, written, and photographic evidence, combined with the applicant withdrawing his application, the board accepted the appeals of the neighbours and denied development of the secondary suite.