4. Appeal #2011-0018


Type of Suite: In-house suite

Address: 81 Evansbrooke Way N.W.

Neighbourhood: Evanston

Appealed by: Neighbours

When: 2011 (SDAB #2011-0018)

Decision: Suite Allowed (with conditions)

STORY AND PHOTO BY TRAVIS BORSTMAYER | tborstmayer@cjournal.ca

Reason for the Appeal

Neighbours appealed a permit for the secondary suite because they claimed there were already multiple illegal secondary suites in the area and, with another one built, there would be too much parking congestion. They said the homeowner trying to obtain the permit also had many large vehicles at the home and the minimum number of available parking spots required for a secondary suite wasn’t being met.

The Decision

The Development Authority outlined four conditions for the development of the suite in order to alleviate parking congestion concerns:

  • unrestricted access to the two required and approved on-site parking stalls

  • one of the two required parking stalls will be designated for the exclusive use of the secondary suite occupants

  • the double-attached garage must be used only for the purpose of parking motor vehicles and not for recreational vehicles (which it was then being used for)

  • all motor vehicles associated with the property (including the secondary suite) have to be parked on site