3. Appeal #2010-0129

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Type of Suite: In-house basement suite

Address: 1243 Mardale Dr. N.E.

Neighbourhood: Marlborough Park

Appealed by: Neighbour

When: 2010 (SDAB #2010-0129)

Decision: Suite Allowed (with conditions)

WRITTEN BY BRITTANY FONG | bfong@cjournal.ca  AND CAITLIN CLOW | cclow@cjournal.ca

Reason for the Appeal

The neighbour said the character of the neighbourhood had changed since the 70s. He was concerned that the secondary suite would lessen the quality of the neighbourhood and availability of parking on the block. An elderly couple, he and his wife said they are concerned about having enough parking in front of their home. The neighbour said, “There are currently illegal suites located on their street as well as neighbours renting out portions of their home to friends and they create parking frustration.”

The Decision

There were certain conditions given with the approval of the secondary suite:

  • The suite will not exceed 72.11 sq. metres
  • The suite will have one parking pad for use by the secondary suite
  • No changes can be made without authorization from the Development Authority
  • Removal of swinging gate in the backyard.
  • There must be a two-metre high fence surrounding the two-stall parking area