16. Appeal #2013-0036

Type of Suite: Detached garage
Address: 712 33A St. N.W.
Neighbourhood: Parkdale
Appealed by: Parkdale Community Association
When: 2013 (SDAB #2013-0036)
Decision: Suite Allowed (conditions revised)


Reason for the Appeal

Because this secondary suite would be the first of its kind in the neighbourhood, the Parkdale Community Association didn’t want the bylaws regarding construction to be relaxed. The association also had concerns regarding the amount of space the development would take up, and the extension of the cantilever— an additional room projected from the house into the alleyway. They were also concerned about the neighbours’ privacy because the secondary suite could potentially peer their homes.

The Decision

The board decided it would allow the suite to be built if the homeowner moved the structure 0.30 metres away from the property line — a safe range of a relaxation with little cause for concern.

The board recognized the concern regarding the projection of a room into the alleyway and after further investigation, discovered that it was an external staircase that would be 0.30 metres from the property line, which is acceptable. The board ensured that the homeowner would move the entire structure 0.3 metres back from the property line to avoid the suite extending into the alleyway.

As for privacy, it stated the windows in the secondary suite would be small and mainly purposed to let in light and therefore there would be no concern regarding privacy issues for the neighbours.